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Trachten Rausch, Ruppertstr. 32, 80337 München

Bavarian Outlet STore in munic

    Tax free in munic


 we speak: German, English, Italian, Turkish, all other

languages with hand and feet :-)

 We hope to see you soon at our shop in munic.
Opening Times:

Monday - Friday:         10.00 am - 8.00 pm

        Saturday:                     10.00 am - 8.00 pm

        Please come latest at   7.00 pm as we want to close at 8.00 pm.


We are inviting you to visit our original bavarian store. At our store you will

find a incredibly huge selection  of leathertrousers and dirndl dresses ranging

from traditionally dresses to stylish dirndls.

        bavarian garment store in munic

        We are having lots of trousers always in stock. Also at the end of the wiesn.

Dont worry even if you are coming at last day of the wiesn we will

find your perfect fitting trouser within our assortment.


As we are running our store over the whole year we will give you also

guarantee on all of our goods .




You will find in our shop very nice people who take time to serve you.


Trachten Party by Trachtenrausch Munic


We offer party dirndl dresses or  festive combinations for family celebrations or dirndls for business purposes. Also our assortment includes: belts, scarves, hats, shoes, woolen jackets, shirts, blouses, leathertrousers with antique finish, cotton dirndl dresses, silky dirndl dresses, socks and so on.....we are specialized to serve foreign customers and give you personal support in shopping like your best friend would do. We speak english.



We offer a huge range of budget leathertrousers starting from 79 EUR and also Trachten Sets including trouser, shirt, socks, starting from 129 EURs. Also we have a huge selection of leathertrousers from diverse german brands  in superior quality starting from 159 - 549 EURs. 


We offer high trousers quality also in budget trousers: We offer trousers with very good quality also at budget price levels. If you compete our trousers with these what you can purchase at the turkish shops around main train station in munic or within ebay or amazon you will find much difference in quality and fitting. We have the expierience in selling trousers and do budget trousers produce only with special companies who can provide al very good quality.


for the octoberfest we offer Lederhosen at prices starting from 79 EURs - 99 EURs


Bavarian lederhosen for the octoberfest  

  © Werner Heiber - Fotolia.com

"Lederhosen set 1 for beginners"- (including leathertrouser, shirt, socks, scarf 129,--EUR )


Bavarian Lederhosen SALE Trachten Rausch Munic        


"Bavarian lederhosen set 2" - including

leathertrouser made from goatleather,

shirt, socks,  Haferl shoes

starting 189 EURs till around 359 EURs-

prices are depending on selected style an quality of trouser


lederhosen in antique styles www.trachtenrausch.com      


 Woolen bavarian jackets for cold days: prices starting from 79 EURs


 Familiy, friends and group discount


If you come together with your friends and family we will do special discount

of 10 % if you buy more than for 250 EURs. Come together and join the discount. Please ask at the counter for the special group discount.



Beer Mugs and guy in leathertrousers from Trachtenrausch munic   trachten lederhosen by trachten rausch munic long leathertrousers at munic outlet store



do you need a dirndl dress for business purposes or do you want to go to the octoberfest? We are specialized to serve foreign customers. We are speaking english and help you to find the bavarian dress of your dreams. We give you advice in shopping like your best girlfriend would do.

We will find the best fitting dirndl dress and let you know the german ladies secrets

about how to get a nice appearance and on which side you should put the bow.


Dirndl by Trachtenrausch munic  Blue Dirndl dress in cotton by Trachtenrausch munic Dirndls by Trachten Rausch munic


We offer dirndls in different price ranges starting from 89 EURs till 250 EURs -

we have a nice selection of different models for nearby every taste.

Also Trachtenrausch produces own dirndl collections with unique designs.   



News 10.09.2018 :


Very closed to the WIESN area at Hermann Lingg Str. we offer a nice collection

of ++ OKTOBERFEST TRACHTEN ++ the lower cost version of dirndls and also

leathertrousers. So if you are looking for budget dresses around 50 EURs or octoberfest basics

like leathertrouser for men + socks and shirt or you can also visit our second store:


Dirndl, Lederhosen. Souvenirs

Trachten Rausch Wiesn Outlet

Hermann Lingg Str. 4

80336 München



 Octoberfest Dirndl SALE in Hermann Lingg Str.Dirndl Sale in Munic


Dirndl dresses for the ladies:

Here is our  "Dirndls slide show catalog" with some of our models - we always produce new styles and colours and some of them are maybe sold out - we have much more models in our stores like the shown models as we do not change the pictures on our website every week.

We get new models and styles nearby every week and it would be too much work to do new photos all the time.


We select for you the most beautyful dirndl dresses from leading brands. Also we produce every year new models under our label "Trachtenrausch" and offer unique designs. So you can be sure that other ladies in the wiesn tents will not have the same dress. With our dirndl dresses you will have the perfect look for all festivities like octoberfest, beergarden, german Waldfeste (forest partys), Kocherlball, Gäubodenfest and others. If want to look authentic german we have also a wide range of bavarian traditional dirndls in "Heidi - Alpen" Style. They are also suitable for business events or for bavarian "Trachtenhochzeit" (bavarian weddings) and other society event


CONTACT for Customers:

Service Phone (please only for customers at times where the store is open): 
0049 - 89 - 69309000

email: trachtenrausch@email.de  (we respond mostly at same or next day)












Contact for business purposes:

please only contact us by email to trachtenrausch@email.de.

Our staff is instructed not to talk to new suppliers at phone. Please respect!.


We hope to see you soon within our shop!



Trachten Rausch GmbH, Ruppertstr. 32, 80337 München, Geschäftsführerin Uta Rausch, HRB München 216023 | trachtenrausch@email.de, 089-69309000